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Wil Seabrook

Wil Seabrook’s music appears in over 30 TV shows  - including The Bachelor, Parks and Recreation, ER, Boston Legal, and others – and his new single Back When is set to repeat this trend effortlessly.


Wil’s traditional country values align with his music. Back When is an ode to a simpler time when relationships had value.


After wandering through the wilderness of LA’s pop/rock scene for well over a decade and landing major recording and publishing deals (Maverick/Warner), TV and film placements (NBC/ABC/Netflix), TV performances for millions (CBS/VH1), and even sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Dave Mathews Band, John Mellencamp and many more, Wil found himself at a crossroads - he was having some medical struggles with his voice, and to continue could put a permanent end to his ability to sing. 


Wil decided to step away from the music industry grind to find a new voice both physically and musically. During this time, he also focused on building a family and other dreams he’d always had that were important to him. Mixing a passion for family and values led Wil away from pop/rock and down to Nashville. Through relationships Wil made in Music City, he discovered the modern country sound in his heart all along.


Seabrook’s pop/country debut single, Back When, is the perfect entry onto the country stage in this crazy year 2020. It’s an homage to lifelong friendship and loyalty. When media and social influences seem hell bent on dividing us, Back When isn’t just a feel-good, sing-along throwback to happier times but a reminder of unbreakable bonds and valuable relationships. Wil’s collaboration with Producer and hitmaker Noah Henson (Kane Brown, Brantley Gilbert) helps make Back When a fresh country sound that begs for repeat listenings and will easily find a home on your country playlist this fall.

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